Medieval Archery Tassel for Herstmonceux

As always, the bf entered the archery competition at Herstmonceux. Last year he was wearing a fox tail to clean his arrows as per 14th-15th century tradition. As more and more people used said fox tail as a fashion accessory, the bf wanted a woollen tassel instead. Naturally I offered to make one, but once it was done in the agreed colour scheme of red and black, he didnt really like it. No problem, I can make another one, just give me like a year or so hihi... I found some instructions online but I have no idea where anymore.

Remember this piccie of our arrival in France on the ferry? This is me making the top part of the tassel which is a little hard to see in the final photo lower down but kind of serves as a hat to keep the wool together. I used my maxi knitting nancy to make this. So it was a bit of last minute work on the go but I managed to get it done in time!

The archery competition briefing at Herstmonceux, it was a good crowd this year!

Look at these amazing arrows that the bf made, arent they amazing? By not using plastic nocks he also got 50 bonus points in the competition as it's much more difficult to shoot when your string doesnt click into the arrow.

And this is the tassel I made for him. He loved it! And made sure he told me about 10 times during the weekend... Finally I made something for him that he liked and was able to use a lot :) And it only took me a year or so hihi

Shooting a really far-away target... he only lost one arrow over 3 days which is really good I think. Especially as it takes a while to make an arrow :)

Squeak, squeak, squeaky clean...

Taadaa they can now be used again :)

LOL I just love this picture! There werent enough people to collect the arrows and this was the final target, so the bf went down to get them himself for his group. He spotted me with the camera hihi...

I havent included instructions on how to make this, but if you're interested pls let me know!


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