Pie Anyone?

More like pie recipe anyone? I dont have a pie for you, but what I do have is a shiny and new pie dish. And not just any pie dish, a Le Creuset PURPLE pie dish :) Look at my new beauty:

I've been wanting one of these for aagggeesss and they are about £25 on Amazon and I didnt really need one... *pout*. But then, during the weekly shop I stopped by TKMaxx and there it was, for only £9.99! I now know why they have these so cheap btw, the new collection (the cassis one) is shaded purple while the old collection is one-tone (is that a word?). Yes, the cassis ones are prettier but beggars cant be choosers and I still love my new pie dish :)

I bought the smaller version, I dont have to cook for a whole family after all, and it had the nice decoration on the rim that the larger one didnt have. Yes, I very much like it :) I wonder how many more kitchen things I can have in purple, hihi!

But now I need your help, because no matter how nice this pie dish is, I have never baked a proper (American?) pie in my life. Yes I made the pumpkin pie last year, but that was more of a cheesecake I think. And I would like to make pies that we have for dinner. And maybe also for dessert like in that movie The Waitress. My life isnt at all influenced by movies LOL

So please please please send me any good pie recipes you may have that will include using my lovely new pie dish. I will make sure to post pics and give credit where due of course. I really want to use this :) Thanx everyone!


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