Vampire Dress - Bustle is Finished!

I am making such good progress and have finished the bustle this weekend :) Let me show you what it looked like a few days ago:

(this photo doesnt show the trim yet)

I really wanted to add something to cover the seams a bit and spent days trying to work out what to do... I had more of the black silk roses left and really wanted to use those. But only the roses looked a little boring and much too black (it has to look good in the pictures too after all). I tried using some leftover lace from the skirt to make large rosettes (not yoyos) like on the hat, but they turned out way too big and not at all nice looking on the skirt. I just looked wrong somehow and much too white.

So I had to add something purpley. The fabric from the jacket was much too stiff and not purple enough and also didnt look very good. But then, as I slowly woke up on Saturday morning, I had it! I would use some of the purple (lining?) fabric scraps and cover that with the lace. Eureka!

Doesnt it look cute? I had to get used to it, but now I quite like it :)

It took a few hours (am still taking it easy after all) as I had to burn the edges of each circle to prevent fraying, but this is the final look of the bustle :)

View from the side where the trim is more obvious also.

So the skirt is done! Whoohoo! And of course all this is made with just my stash :) This costume is heading into the right direction :) All I have left to do now is: handbag, zombie top, and zombie corset. Watch this space!


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