Stashbusting September - The Finale

Hi all!
This is it, the end of Stashbusting September. I am actually still working on my upcycled project as that was part of the challenge also, but it literally fell apart so I will make the baby room flower my upcycled project. It does have candy wrappers and drinking straws so I think that counts, doesnt it? And yes, September only ends tomorrow but I have plans so wont be at home crafting (for once) LOL. I will post something probably but it is more likely to be about the outing :)

So, what is my finale piece? Do you remember the 60 fabric circles?

Yes these...

Which turned into the 57 yoyos as I needed three unsewn pieces? Made out of remnants of my clown dress, the failed pillow covers, the Sally dress, the Mombi dress, you name it it's in here.

Some of you may remember the yoyo clown I made a little while ago for a friend at work. Well, for her little baby boy that is, not actually for her ;) And when another colleague had a baby girl, I really wanted to make a toy and after careful discussion with some mothers (after all, I am so not maternal) this was deemed the best option. So I made a GIRLY yoyo clown! Oh now please dont be disappointed that it is not actually a new idea. It still came out adorable and completely different that the other one.

Which mainly meant that is was a lot harder to pose than the other one and kept falling over LOL. But I still love this pic as it shows the layers and layers of different coloured yoyos which are actually all the same size this time!.

So I had to hold it. See, it seems less tall than the other one although I think that is just the angle as the measurements are the same, and the head is larger too. Really, I had about 10 tries in taking this...

The face is more girly as well, with a pink mouth and a lovely pink hat with white dots and a massive pompom.

I used the same green plush (that stuff just never ends) for the hair. I made it a little longer this time which worked out great. I wanted to make plaits with wool but it just didnt look as good as this.

This clown is a very happy clown, it just couldnt stop dancing!

That's all folks, thank you for joining me in my VERY busy crafty September with a post a day and stashbusting projects. Roll on Halloween, I'm going to the museum now :) Well, tomorrow anyway... Good night! *clowny wave*


  1. My grandmother made one of those clowns when I was real little. Hers were crocheted rings. It's funny to see this here as I was just thinking about my old one, and how I never see these anymore.


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