Vampire Dress - Bustle Progress

Ready for another update on my vampire dress? I have so many little projects planned but this has to be done first.

This time I tried, yet again, to make a bustle for my vampire dress. Only this time, I knew not to use heavy velvet!

Remember this? This was the bustle I tried for the steampunk dress and it was just way too heavy.

This time I was smarter :) I still had one piece of fabric leftover from the steampunk underskirt, and it was just enough to make the bustle. I didnt use a bustle pillow this time as that would have meant recalculating the entire dress. We're going for comfortable this year :)

This is the result. I like it :) It's not quite finished, the front is open as the fabric wasnt enough to make a closed bustle so I will add some of the purple/black fabric there, and maybe some highlights where the seams are showing in the bustle. It's all a work in progress... but it's getting there.

It has to be done in about 10 days and I still have to finish the bustle, make the handbag and the hat, and also work on the zombie dress. Aaarghh!


  1. Looks lovely! I'm trying to finalize my plans for my steampunk outfit to wear to the handcar regatta at the end of the month. Your post was inspiring!

  2. Thank you, Victoria :) It was a bit of trial and error and I am by no means finished, but it's looking good! Check out my steampunk dress also if you need some more inspiration :)


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