Zombies at EFF Arcen 2011 (Saturday)

Hi all!
This will be a photo heavy post and there will be two of them, so you've been warned ;) Unlike last year, I had two costumes this year so each day will have its own set of photos.

It was so cool! On Saturday we went as zombies, and you've seen the dress rehearsal (that would have been a much better title for the blog post hihi) so now you can see what actually happened that day. I actually lost my fairy headband so I quickly had to make a new one in the last minute but it was ok and didnt look too bad. I must also tell you this, though: on the Friday evening, the bf tripped while chasing my nephews down the garden and hurt his shoulder. He still came with me to EFF both days and I love him very much for that. It's not visible on the pics but he was in a lot of pain... It worked really well with his outfit though!

Let's start off the day.

Every zombie needs a breakfast, even Fairy Zombie!

The bf as the creepy scientist zombie, seriously scary looking! Though that might be the pain ;)

The Nazgul were present as ever

As were the Asian warriors which were hosting the fighting lessons

There was a Star Wars bit as always. This is the view from our new apartment in Cloud City LOL

'Mmm, I wonder how this would look in the apartment'

Love this one! Very cool costume :)

There was also a large group of Predators, one of them who had it in for me, argh!

This kid was so cute, she wasnt sure if she liked the Predator or not, hihi

Fairy Zombie resurrected, coming out of the bushes...

A little further on I spotted this girl with this adorable steampunk hat. I loved it!

The inside, it comes complete with spoon!

Cool decoration on the steering wheel of one of those electric wheelchairs. So nice that they go all out as well :) Creepy doll though!

Trying to look creepy. No, not trying to look like those dolls ;)

Ugh, I need to sit down, knackered from all the walking and posing and looking!

Come on, we can do it, let's continue! I just love this pic :)

Excellent Mad Hatter costume, he looked very much like the real one (the Johnny Depp one)

Lovely chessboard dress

This was my favourite part of her dress. She also had a matching crown.

These guys were so funny, they won 1st prize at the competition

The bf and I watching the Pirate show where pirates are turned into vampires

They had a smoke machine somewhere which produced some excellent photos :)

And we found the spot where we took some pics last year so that had to be done again

Looking very creepy here I think :)

Here is someone I'd rather not meet in the dark, very creepy also!

Soon after the photo we met some friends, this is my friend Marga getting her collar laced up correctly by her husband

Which resulted in this fantastic pic, I love it!

She also had these disgusting vampire nails, check out the broken one! Now that totally made me cringe!

Of course we needed some pics together, look: Brains!!!

One more super creepy picture before we went home. Dont we look majorly creepy-couple-like?

So this was Saturday, it was a good day although I was a little worried about the bf and his shoulder... But we met some friends, it didnt rain, and my dress was ok although not the photographer magnet the other one was. But I got some pics taken and will try to share one once I have them all. That can take a while usually...

We went back to where were staying and spent the evening with my family to give the bf some rest. It was a good zombie day :)


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  2. LOL Those are nice photo's. Especially the one where I get strapped in my neck corset. :-)

    Love the teacup hat!!

  3. What an entertaining event! You are the best at picture-taking and comments on each item you photograph. I loved this article!


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