Stashbusting Charger Bag

Hi all, it's weekend! And look what I made, something not vampirey for a change and very stashbusting:

Do you know what it is? Well, let me tell you all about it :)

With another trip planned and having learned from the last one, I discovered I REALLY needed a bag for my chargers, you know for my phone, camera, toothbrush, adapter, etc. For our last trip I used the bag that hold my zippers which then left the zippers flying around everywhere, so I needed something better. I really wanted to use this green/white striped fabric that I used to make quilted pillow cases for my sister way back when (the pillow cases never made it past the first wash, such a shame!).

First I wanted to make a simple drawstring bag like the round one for my knitting. But as most of the chargers are square, I then wanted to make a square drawstring bag. Then I decided to make the bottom flat for easier storage and increased volume. Can you see how indecisive I was about this? LOL. So when I had finally made the bag and it was all flat on the bottom (albeit a little uneven), I had sewn the sides shut so I couldnt make it into a drawstring bag! Silly me... But I remembered a sort of lunch bag idea that I saw somewhere sometime and decided to try that.

I used green/white striped polycotton lined with a linen/cotton blend in white. I added a plug on its cable using black and red felt and handstitched it on. To cover the seams on the top I added black rickrack. I also added a red polkadot button to hold the elastic I would use to close this bag.

On the other side I used a larger black polkadot button as the closure. This side shows the cable looping around across the bag.

The bag folded up and closed, showing the plug clearly.

The other side, showing the two buttons and the elastic closure. At this point I still had to wrap the elastic around the button twice but I'm sure once all the chargers are packed for holidays, it will have just the right size :)

In the end the bag came out completely different than planned but I still love it. There are many more useful bags I want to make, but first, the vampire and zombie dresses need to be finished, and I still have a baby package to make for a friend. Still, taking it easy as instructed, and just thinking for now (is enough work already!).


  1. What a cute idea! Very nice. Thanks for sharing! (Stopping from Tuesdays Confessional)

    mother crafter - handmade happiness


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