Zombie Costume - Top

The last piece, at last! I have too many projects going on right now and all with a deadline.. But the EFF's deadline is first so this really had to be done. I have now finished the top! Be careful, it looks shockingly horrible when you see it like this without seeing the entire outfit, but I wanted to share this with you anyway.

I still had a LOT of scraps from the Mombi dress, especially the purple base fabric as the dress was so long and I could just cut long pieces of fabric. So I took those pieces and found some more red organza (from an old EFF dress which I will share sometime also) and some black lining and got to work. Sadly I had used up all the purple organza on a headband I made, but the red worked out too.

I sewed the long strips of taffeta together, inside out on purple and not zigzagging to encourage the fraying. I used the organza strip for the middle. Not to worry, this is where the corset goes plus I will be wearing something underneath so it's all good :)

I added more organza near the bottom to give it a more fairy/hippy look. I did the same with the piece of black lining (not shown here).

I also added some organza to make ruffled sleeved. The way I sewed the pieces together meant that I didnt have to add sleeves and they were somehow formed by itself. Does that make sense? I basically draped this large shape and only sewed the sides together. Anyway, ruffles above :)

I also cut some holes into the fabric willy-nilly and highlighted those with red theatre paint. On top of that I added white and brown theatre paints and a dash of green to really make it look like I had crawled out of the earth. My intention is to be a zombie fairy after all ;)

The way the theatre makeup works is that it is just face paint really. But applying it to the clothing it will look horrible at first but will get less obvious over time (dont ask me why) and will look just perfect in the end :)

Of course I am aware that these pics are quite awful but as I said, without the entire look this may be a little weird. To finish the zombie outfit completely, I have to re-stitch the wings as I'm not entirely happy with the way they look, and add some ivy to the entire dress to make it all fairy-like. But the most important stuff is done and I have a costume so for now it's ok. If I still have time I can do all of the above, or else just use it for the zombie walk :) So for now, I'm done! Whoohoo!!


  1. where do you get the fabric from? I want to have Zombie Costume and Ive been to several halloween stores and craft shops, and no one had any idea what I was looking for..


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