Stashbusting - Not Making Any Progress

Hi all,
OMG this weekend has gone waaay too fast! With the bf out of commission I have to run the entire household which is actually more than I thought... On top of that I decided to do some ebaying this weekend also and I actually thought that I would have enough time left to finish the about 10 WIPs I have right now... NOT!

So we had a Star Wars marathon (currently on part 6) and all I seem to have done is sleep and make yoyos. On a positive note, I now have all the yoyos I need for the project I am making.

Check it out: 57 yoyos! Yes I need 60 but three need to be assembled mid-project.

To finish my stashbusting month I still have to make 2 pairs of baby booties, 1 onesie, 1 baby hat, one bathmat, and a sewing kit. I think I may have to roll over into October as I only have one more week, a full time job, and an injured bf. I feel tired just thinking about it...

Yes yes, I will stop complaining and focus on the movie now :) Hopefully I will be able to blog about a finished project tomorrow!


  1. 57 yo-yos! that's pretty amazing! Looking forward to seeing what you're doing with them!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Golly, that is a lot of yo-yos. I try to stay away from big ole projects like that. LOL


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