Vampire Dress - More Bustle Progress

Hi all,
I am currently at home with some movement issues as it seems that I got waaay too stressed and my MS has decided to kick in again. Not as bad yet as the last time which is why I went home straight away and am just taking it easy for the time being. I'm so clumsy right now, I havent dropped this much in a long time... The nurse said to take it easy and don't get too stressed, so that is what I'm doing.

But sitting at home all day can get so boring when you cant do much, so I wanted to do something that would keep me busy for a few hours yet be completely simple to do. Plus stitching means easy movement which can only be good. When sewing the bustle a few days ago, I realised I made a tiny mistake with it. How else can it be, this is me sewing and something always goes wrong... It wasnt anything major but it did require some fixing.

Originally, I wanted to make a full bustle that went all around the lace skirt. That turned out way too tight. Of course I realised this after I had sewn the whole thing together! So I cut it open and made the bustle all bustle-y and hemmed it nicely on the bottom. The part I cut open would get some extra fabric added to it (the same fabric as the bolero) but in the end that just looked too awful. That did mean that the cut part wasnt hemmed yet. And that's when I saw it... I had made the whole thing on the wrong side of the fabric! Well, it's taffeta so technically there is not wrong side of the fabric, but the top hemming and the cut part were all inside out. I tried turning it around but then the bustle stopped making sense. No biggie, the top would be invisible anyway as it will be covered by the corset. The sides required something thinking, and that's when I thought of some black sequined ribbon I bought in the 99p Store last week (before the stashbusting event!). So I got comfy on the sofa and started hemming with the sequins.

This is the result :) I actually really like it! The taffeta is a little brownish and the sequins really stand out. I sewed it all around the bottom edge too. I really like it :)

So even in my current condition I'm one step closer to the finished dress. Slowly but surely we'll get there... I still want to do something with the back but I cant think of anything for the time being. Maybe soon...

Still left to do in the next 7 days: bustle (add detail), handbag, hat, zombie top, zombie corset. Surely I can make that in a week with an entire weekend left? If my movements improve that is...


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